The Fastest Growing Franchises For Women

By: Kayvonna K. Stigall   

It is no longer shocking to see a woman heading up her own company and doing it well. In recent years, more and more women have chosen to step up and lead as owners and operators of their own franchise. According to Forbes, in 2021, women-owned or co-owned about 265,000 franchises. This equals about 35% of all U.S. franchises. It’s reported that this is about a 24% rise from ten years ago. During the pandemic, many companies suffered. However, in the United States, it was women owned franchise companies who were able to weather I the storm.

We have been able to witness quite a few franchises that women have begun to dominate and continue to grow at warp speed. They have taken these franchises and nurtured them towards great success. Franchising can be a great benefit for women. It can provide the opportunity for them to have a flexible schedule, implement all their business ideas as well as be independent. Lots of wins in the franchise business! Some of the fast growing and most popular women-owned franchises that have been reported are fast food restaurants, senior care businesses, haircare salons, and fitness franchises. These franchises are thriving and bringing service to those in their community.

Here are a few of the fastest growing franchises for women. Learn how they’ve been able to take them and rise into stardom.

FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS Fast food restaurants continue to be successful as they’ve been able to adapt to the changing world to provide services that cater to their customers. Women have been able to take hold and pivot to reap a profit in this industry.

SENIOR CARE BUSINESSES Senior care businesses have been and will continue to be needed. Women are taking a stand in this business arena by providing opportunities for care of seniors while also being able to provide for themselves and their own families.

HAIR SALONS Another fast growing franchise for women are hair salons. Hair care is more than just a daily regime. It is considered a major part of self-care as well. Women are right on track with growing this franchise because the need is plenty. This industry is booming and there is room for everyone! Women can look to see this franchise as a growing business opportunity.

FITNESS CENTERS Women have taken on the fitness franchise and business is good. Getting fit and working on health-driven goals nutritionally (and for vanity online) has been on a rise. It does not look like this industry will slow down anytime soon. Women who have decided to own a franchise in the fitness industry have set themselves up nicely for growth and great opportunities.

 As women, you can rise to star power by continuing to take on business opportunities, develop growth strategies and step out into franchise ownership. The trajectory of success is limitless!

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Kayvonna K. Stigall is a published author, freelance writer, and poet from River Rouge,Michigan. You may follow her on Instagram @riseaboveclouds

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