Tis The Season To Give: How Tiffany Nance Gifts Business Leaders with Time

By: Robin M Wilson

Tiffany Nance is on a mission to help people organize their lives and business operations. Her company Etcetera Assistant was established in 2009 to help save people the valuable time they would spend growing their businesses or with family and friends.

 How does she do that? “I make sure that my clients have what they need,” says Tiffany. “If she [my client] is a speaker, that’s all I want her to have to do. I don’t want her to worry about managing her speaking engagement calendar, missing deadlines, or on-site logistics.” 

Tiffany’s commitment to excellence in service has endeared her to executive leaders and professional women in various industries. While her skills are recognized by professional organizations, Tiffany says her journey to start a virtual and personal assistant company began with service at home and within her community. 

“I’m the oldest in my family,” Tiffany said. “I’ve always liked to help others—it’s what I’m known for… I take great joy in assisting and resolving issues.” 

Following the passing of her mother, Tiffany says she paused her career to consider what direction she wanted to take. During that time, Tiffany volunteered as a way to heal and give back. 

“I gained so much from volunteering, and people noticed my organizational skills,” she said.

Her service within the community further affirmed her desire to serve and to help others. In 2019, she made the decision to run Etcetera Assistant full-time. She has not looked back since. 

“I made the decision that I was going to provide for my family emotionally and financially,” Tiffany said. “I wanted to have more time to spend with my family.” 

Today, she has time flexibility and it is a gift that she passes on to clients through the services she provides. From performing administrative tasks to providing timely mobile notary services, Tiffany has built a reputation for her attention to detail and her ability to develop systems and solutions for business leaders. She serves clients nationwide. 


As her company grows and expands, Tiffany says that she is now ready to bring on team members to deliver administrative services to clients. “I plan to hire and train other virtual assistants who can do the work that I do.” 

If your business is in need of a virtual or personal assistant, learn more about Etcetera Assistant at www.etceteraassistant.com 

x Robin Michelle Wilson is a published children’s author, greeting card designer, keynote speaker, business leader, and a certified teacher. Robin is the owner of Robin Wilson Educational Consulting LLC and Vesey Lane Goods LLC. She actively serves on the Board of Directors for ARISE Detroit.

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