How We Love Summer Fashion

Summer is considered the most social season and for good reason! It’s the time of year where days are longer and nights are warmer. The summer fosters a natural desire to want to connect with others, whenever possible. During the summer months, it’s not uncommon to have multiple personal or professional after-work activities planned Monday-Friday. … Read more

How to Style Career Defining Moments

Defining moments in your career are often summed up and shared through a promotion announcement in a media outlet, an interview on a TV program, a photoshoot for your book cover, or an acceptance speech for a deserving award. When you think over the years, months and days you’ve spent developing your career, it is … Read more

Just the Right Amount of Beauty & Style

BY: Angianein Wallace “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” – Coco Chanel This quote speaks to the power of beauty that we all have inside of us. The key is to recognize and own your beauty in order to have a genuine inside/ out reflection. Right now, it is difficult to show … Read more

8 Holiday Gifts for Her!

BY: Joan T. Randall This holiday season is by far a favorite for many! Something about Christmas carols, decorations, gingerbread houses and eggnog gives that warm, fuzzy feeling. It takes us back to our childhood and the days of staying up all night on Christmas Eve, itching to open gifts. Then, when the day arrived, … Read more