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The time for wishing on stars is up. Turning yesterday’s dreams into today’s reality means making your desires clear and obvious to your eye and mind. One thing that I used to desire was a quick fix when life and career got wonky. However, ‘Don’t look for a shortcut. It doesn’t exist,’ a quote from Dr. Geneva Williams*, Vibrant Life Coach, has become one of my favorite growth prompts. This article packs a strong encouragement to exchange the quick-fix mentality in favor of the power of manifestation.

The “mind is a terrible thing to waste” is not some old, outdated adage for underserved youth, but a modern clarion call to equip individuals for a mental marathon. Manifestation is one technique to exercise the mind. It works to reshape the messaging that plays on repeat in your head. For instance, when a person speaks self-limiting words such as, “I’ll never find love” or “I’m not ready,” the mind, with its urge to safeguard, process, and then ultimately obey the commnd that was just spoken, stores that message in the sub-conscience.

According to Medical News Today**, pursuing intellectually stimulating activities is a way to help slow down brain aging. You would not want any slips of the mind to interfere or delay your bringing your dreams to fruition, right? So, let’s do some basic brain training workouts next to shape up the life and career we really desire.

IMAGINATION: Suspend self-disbelief and begin treating yourself like you are capable of what you desire to achieve and experience. Engineer mental maps where ‘x’ marks the spot of you getting to your desires for life and career. It’s your imagination, so unapologetically explore the what[1]ifs and how-tos.

VISUALIZATION: Whether on a journal, board, or note card, (heck, in red lipstick on your bathroom mirror) write out what you’ve imagined for yourself. Write plain terms or wax eloquent, so long as your life and career dreams are crystal clear to you. Look at these ideas, goals, and destinations multiple times each day so they become imprinted in your vision and branded into your mind.

DECLARATION: Speak life into what you want to create next in your life and career… and then expect it to happen. Dr. La’Quita Monley, author of “Redefining Success: 8 Tools I Used To Develop A Growth Mindset“, suggests that making a verbaldeclaration (an official order) is more empowering than reciting affirmation statements alone. Do both to encourage your resolve to create a new reality for yourself. Remember that your subconscious mind is listening intently to receive your command, so give it a new eargasm.

According to Transformation Coach, Regina C. Hall, “want” comes from a place of lack because you do not have it already, whereas desire is an intense craving for something or someone. This writer chooses to say “desire” more often these days. Word choice matters in your manifestations.

HARMONIZATION: Make plans for the betterment of the people, plans, and situations around you. Move away from people, places, and things that drain you. Move closer to people, places, and things that align with your purpose and toward those who are a fountain of energy and vitality.

ACTIVATION: Begin to operate as if you already have the life and career that you desire. You are not pretending. You are improving your thoughts, behavior, and emotions, and therefore are adapting to the next version of yourself. You are recognizing that change is actively happening.

IMPLEMENTATION: Congratulations. You are YOU 2.0. You’ve attracted what you believed would come into your life and career. Manifesting your better life and a better world around you is ongoing. To maintain what you’ve ` attracted, be flexible, and become even more trusting of yourself now that you know you can achieve what you believe.

How do you know if the manifestation is working? Simply put, you’ll find your rhythm. You will experience symmetry forward motion, and a sense of progression. Your needs, desires, and talents will be in harmony with each other. When you arrive at the intersection of trusting and believing for something to happen AND that something really happening, then you find yourself experiencing moments of—

GRATIFICATION: Allow yourself to experience your wins and to celebrate wins of every size. Do this by using every sense and expressing the pleasure of these achievements with an array of positive emotions. Express gratitude internally and share your gratifying experiences with those around you (see Harmonization).

Wendy Mann, CEO of CREW Network and Career Mastered Alumni Honoree, gives a perspective that can easily be attributed to visualization of what’s possible.

“My vision is that I’m out of a job because there is pay parity, equal opportunity for women to advance, and thousands of women leading from the C-suite. Then I’ll know I’ve done my job. Then I’ll know that the future generations will have women role models that enable them to see what’s possible.”

It is clear and obvious to this writer that we get what we ask for and we attract what we believe. Believe. Become. Feel. Attract. Imagine. Create. Repeat.

A global Pep Squad calls Tisha Hammond “The Small Business CheerleaderTM.” She is the author of ‘Daily Devotional for Entrepreneurs: Your Season to Grow,’ host of ‘Pep Talk LIVE,’ and a Storytelling Coach. Entrepreneurs who want to attract media attention, attend her ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ events and group mentoring programs.

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